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Rabbi Akwetey Amaah is a renowned educator, counsellor, lecturer, Bible scholar, Author and thinker who uses ancient wisdom and modern wit to captivate audiences around the world.


He founded Kingdom of Kings Academy World Wide; a place of biblical study structured for one seeking textual and in-depth understanding of the Bible from its original Hebraic and Kingdom perspective, where Rabbi Amaah still serves as Dean and Senior Lecturer. 


Speaking about education, Rabbi Akwetey says: “TEACH DONT PREACH! -Preaching is giving over information with fire and brimstone, without paying attention to what your audience is feeling. A preacher instructs: “I’m the authority…I’ll straighten you out… Accept what I say, Don’t question, Park your mind, Listen to me, Obey me!” It's being a demigod, getting people excited and overwhelmed and moving them with an emotional sway.


Teaching, on the other hand, is communicating with an independent human the clarity of a concept. Moreover, to get your audience to see and understand on their terms."


Rabbi Akwetey is also the Co-Founder of Leadership for the 3rd World, an organization designed to address the challenges of the 21st-century leader and philosophies. With a special focus on but not limited to the 3rd World context.


Rabbi Akwetey is a professionally ranked Speaker who has lectured to people from all walks of life. Transforming many by his provocative and mind-altering lectures, seminars, questions and interviews.

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